Already know what kind of sod would perfectly compliment your home? Perfect! Once you’ve selected your sod type, choose a window for your delivery date.

Whether you’re looking to restore your old lawn or have new construction, we are here to help. Let our team of sod specialist help identify the strand of grass that best fits you and your lawns needs.

Looking to put your energetic kids to work? Or trying to find a new way to bond with your next door neighbor? Cue the yard music and bring on the gloves please because it’s time to DIY! 

Are you contractor looking for a reliable company to keep up with your demand? Look no further! We offer competitive pricing and can grow with you.

We guide you through the process!

Hey, we totally get it! The landscape process can seem overwhelming, but we want to make this easy for you! With over 40 years of experience, project management is one of our specialties.



Providing all-inclusive detailed restoration for your lawn care


In our high tech process

We use cutting edge technology to build your lawn and keep you in the loop throughout the process


Freshly cut

From roadways to golf greens, we sod it all. We carry sod for every type of application.

Our clients

Work with big and small.

"...Matt and his crew worked very very hard, and my yard had new SOD the next day. Matt was very polite and sweet, he explained the Care and even provided reference for other jobs. All it took was a little patience to make this homeowner happy."

Millie F ( Millie F )

"Very efficient and knowledgeable about sprinkler systems"

Rich P ( Rich P )

"Incredible business ethics and high quality sod! Matt at office quickly answers all calls and emails. He sent Phil to do the install and he was so helpful and knowledgeable with suggestions on our sprinkler system to help get our yard back in shape. But more than that, I have to mention that when he came to put the sod in he was three pieces short in the back yard. We weren't home at the time so we assumed that he was done and we went to Lowes and bought three pieces of lower quality sod just to fill in the spot. To our amazement (!) we looked out back this morning and saw that Phil must have come all the way back here (a week later!) with three more pieces to finish the job and removed the junky sod we bought. That alone speaks volumes of this company. Even though ours was just a small job, they did it right and I highly recommend them. Honest, reasonable, dependable; definitely deserve a five star rating"

Debbie F ( Debbie F )

"Cleve Thompson who did the repair was very knowledgeable and very persistent, he found the problem and did the repair and I can see the grass greening already. Thank you Cleve & SEMPER FI"

Jim K ( Jim K )

"Lawn looks nice again. Installed good quality sod."

Don A. ( Don A. )

"Even though there was a slight glitch in getting someone to show up on time(they were a man short that day), they called later, apologized, and promised that someone would show up soon. True to their word, someone did show up, did an excellent job on the work asked for and even took care of a more serious problem that had developed. We would definitely use them again and have recommended them to our neighbors."

Marilyn G. ( Marilyn G. )

"Matt is very knowledgeable and personable. Did have slight problem with him returning phone calls, but overall, I'm very pleased. They even accommodated a few extra things I wanted done after the original estimate. Everything looks GREAT!"

Connie B. ( Connie B. )

"Called me immediately and was out within the hour! I had a bad sprinkler pipe leak, but no evidence in the lawn as to where it was. Before getting into a lot of labor to dive it, logic said it was probably at the end of zone 1's pipes under a large tree, so we just capped off the pipe at the second to the last sprinkler head and it solved the problem!"

Homeowner ( Homeowner )