Sandy Soil Profile

In TurfX’s™ latest Tip of the Week we address one of the most important, fundamental, and mostly overlooked part of installing a healthy new lawn – The Soil. As with good wine, the saying goes, “If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the grape, and it’s not in the wine.” 

The same is true for your lawn – if you have dead soil, you’ll most likely have a dead lawn. Simply put, most homes were built on compacted, sand-based soils that were perfectly good for a builder, as they provide a surface that compacts well to build a home, however, this soil is far from ideal to support a thriving, healthy lawn, as it’s typically depleted of the minerals, nutrients, and biologics necessary to start and maintain a healthy lawn. So, the first question you should be asking is, “Is my soil healthy enough to support my new lawn, or should I consider amending the soil to put back the minerals, nutrients, and biologics that will promote the health of my new lawn?” That is a great first question, and at TurfX™, this is right where we start. In this Tip of the Week video, an analysis of this customers soil determined that amending the soil prior to installing their new lawn was necessary in order to promote the health of the new grass. 

At TurfX™, we partner with Life Soils, using their Comand product, and we have tremendous success with all types of grass. In follow up videos we’ll show you how quickly the root system developed on this lawn, with some roots going down as much as four inches in just a little over a week. Further, the Command product helps the soil absorb water much more quickly, and as a result, less water is needed to maintain a beautiful lawn.